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How We Work?

Learn how we make Fund Recovery happen


Our skilled experts can assist in detecting fraud with the highest level of credibility. Comply with our superior investigation process to recover your funds.


File a complaint in Funds Chargeback for any type of financial fraud case. The Funds Chargeback team will investigate the circumstances at hand.

Fight Back

We can assist you in combating fraud by developing a strong legal and comprehensive order plan.

Fund Recovery

We'll put an end to your efforts by winning your case and recovering the funds you've lost.

Our Experts Dispute To Win Your Claim

To ensure that we follow the correct procedures, we adhere to legal and international standards. As specialists in investigating and recovering things, we customize our operations to suit every client's needs, regardless of location. Our consultants strive to ensure that our methods are comfortable for our clients. In addition to abiding by the law, we adapt our services to meet the requirements of clients worldwide.

Get Finance Solutions For Your Business

We are a global management consulting firm dedicated to providing tailored solutions for private enterprises.

A qualified team of individuals who will assist you in recovering from scams and protecting your wealth. Whether you want to recover money from dishonest businesses, brokers, or other parties, Fund Chargeback provides accurate solutions for all of them.

Our sophisticated Bitcoin scam recovery team assists by conducting thorough investigations. Trust us for consistent assistance with legal processes that will be beneficial to the investigation.

With Fund Chargeback, you can protect your CFD trades. We specialize in recovering funds lost due to deceptive CFD trading practices as a trusted resource. Count on our expertise to help you navigate the complexities and protect your investments.

Fund Chargeback's intelligence assists you in obtaining funds from unsuspecting online users. Secure your payment gateway with us by utilizing cutting-edge solutions for complete wallet fund tracing.

By joining hands with Fund Chargeback, you can protect your investments from online scams. Our platform aids in the identification and recovery of funds lost to fraudulent schemes while also providing a secure environment for your financial transactions.

We assist you in recovering any type of monetary loss through the management of revenue loss. We act as an intermediary for you, requesting a prompt reimbursement from your dishonest dealer or service provider.


1What is Fund Recovery?

Fund recovery refers to the process of recovering your financial loss through various methods. Funds Chargeback is in charge of assisting customers all over the world in recovering financial losses caused by Bitcoin scams, CFD trading scams, online scams, and much more. We also help with the legalities so that nothing is left behind.

2 How does Fund Chargeback Work?

Contact us either through mobile or by email. Funds Chargeback begins working on your problem after your issue has been noted down. First, we collect detailed information from our customers about the type of loss they want to recover from. Following that, our skilled team began working on it by communicating with the trader on your behalf and filing a complaint. We deal with dishonest dealers to ensure that all of your money is returned to you.

3Why Choose Funds Chargeback?

Funds Chargeback is what you have been looking around. It can assist you in preventing financial loss by returning every penny to you. Unlike other fund recovery websites, Funds Chargeback works on every prospect until you get your money back. From legalities to money settlement, everything is done by us.

4How soon I will get my Funds Recovered?

It is determined by each country's rules and regulations. Each country may have its own set of rules that we must follow. However, we will work as quickly as possible to return your money to you. We will notify you once your money has been recovered.